Friday, 4 May 2012

Up and Coming work (degree work)

I am currently working on  my degree piece.
The inspiration for my work stems from my research into Japanese tea bowls. I initially looked at the idea of producing a contemporary tea bowl but after some further development, I became more interested in the thought and criteria behind them. The Japanese teach the idea of imperfection and simplicity. Taking a modern look into this I wanted to produce a piece of work that showed this imperfection in a more unique way. I came up with the concept of the tilt.
Instead of the bowl being made with imperfections within the clay body, I made bowls that sit off angle to express this imperfection. I wanted my bowls to be made with eve thickness and have a weight of some kind or and accessory that created the tilt. this keeps the bowl itself pure and simplistic. This is why I introduced metalwork to do this. This developed into functional spoons and additional bowls.

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