Sunday, 6 May 2012

Victoria Turner

Being home from uni usually sparks the feeling of a holiday... however being so close to deadline I have noticed I have been more creative and inspired then usual. I spent the afternoon with family. A young cousin of mine in particular who has been interested in art for a while, has recently become engulfed in photography. Being only 13, like most at her age a career doesn't seem important but she has an amazing talent and I could see her being very successful. She currently works with a Nikon digital bridge camera.

Puddle - Victoria Turner (age 13)

Friday, 4 May 2012

Up and Coming work (degree work)

I am currently working on  my degree piece.
The inspiration for my work stems from my research into Japanese tea bowls. I initially looked at the idea of producing a contemporary tea bowl but after some further development, I became more interested in the thought and criteria behind them. The Japanese teach the idea of imperfection and simplicity. Taking a modern look into this I wanted to produce a piece of work that showed this imperfection in a more unique way. I came up with the concept of the tilt.
Instead of the bowl being made with imperfections within the clay body, I made bowls that sit off angle to express this imperfection. I wanted my bowls to be made with eve thickness and have a weight of some kind or and accessory that created the tilt. this keeps the bowl itself pure and simplistic. This is why I introduced metalwork to do this. This developed into functional spoons and additional bowls.

2nd year work

Alongside my degree piece I hold an interest in Raku firing.
During my 2nd year I created a number of small pieces. They are inspired on my response to a brief based on archaeology. I liked the idea of creating pieces of small treasures that could be found in the ground.

Each of the pieces were developed with a surface taken from broken pavements outside my ceramics block. I choose to use this surface as I wanted to trap a memory within the pieces. These pieces were used within my 2nd year exhibition called Collate.
During this exhibition I displayed these pieces within a case to give the impression of a museum setting.