Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Successful degree show

 So its coming to the end of the Degree Show. Its been a really good experience. All thought currently as it stands I have not sold anything, i'm staying optimistic. 
Already I have evaluated some of the comments so far and have started to design my previous work to become more functional. Hoping this will spark more of an interest. (I need to find my market )
  I am hoping to add some photos of the degree show shortly. My camera is currently inaccessible as I locked it in a friends cupboard (ooops!!!) 
 I am feeling a lot more relaxed away from the pressure of university and have started some really exciting work. I have recently meet some exciting people and this has sparked some motivation and inspiration. So time to crack on and get going !!!!

Now to get the work space finished and find a kiln !!!!! 

List of things to do: 

  1.  move back to oxford
  2. clear and set up my small shed studio
  3. find some exciting opportunities
  4. JOB !!!!!! (this really should be the top of the list hehehe) 

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